Should I use a new case with old parts?

Hey guys.
I plan on buying the Antec Three Hundred Two Premium AB edition at my local store and I was wondering if I should put all of my old Acer Aspire M5630 parts into it for the time being as I buy more parts for my build.

Here's the Antec case:

I would like to move it into a bigger case because whenever I try moving things around in this case, all the wires get in the way since there is no back wiring panel. The only problem would be if the case would be able to support this 2007 ancient piece of garbage.

Also, I would only be keeping the aspire parts in it until I get all the new parts for the actual build. After that I want to fry the aspire board so nobody will have to put up with the pain I had too. -_-

Here's the list of parts I'm going to buy and put into the Antec case:
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  1. I would leave your old parts in the old case. Then you can use it until you have all your new parts assembled and working.... the new case will support your old hardware but you have to be careful swapping stuff around. People end up with standoff mis-matches, wires not properly attached, and other problems.
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