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Hello hopefully someone can help me. I live on a street that my great grandma lives on too. Im looking at setting up a computer in her home that has cameras connected so that i can keep an eye on the people that come into the house and also keep a check if she is well. I was thinking of the option of putting an external antenna from my router on the outside of my house so i could pick up my network down the steet at her house. (its about 50 meters away). She would not then have to have her own internet connection at home and i could conect the computer in her home to my network. Is this possible i have been looking at the outside antennas on ebay can anyone recomend on would this one do the trick am i on the right track. Thanks so much for your help
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  1. First, I do not work for Ubiquiti or TigerDirect. I simply have had great experiences with both companies and their products.

    Want to do it right? Ubiquiti is absolutely tops in my book. They have their AirVision® system that will work for what you want. A link to their site is

    You'll want to send that data to your house and maybe supply grandma with internet, so Ubiquiti is still the place to go. Most of their systems are far more powerful than you need but they do have the (Wireless-N) PicoStation M-HP that is probably just right for you. The model PICOM2HP has up to one watt of transmit power, has a range of 500 meters. The unit is equipped with Ubiquiti's AirMax® technology so if you buy two (one for each house) you'll get superior speed and positive connections using their TDMA technology. These units are powered by POE (power over Ethernet) so no extra wires and no coax cables. They are the most technically "sanitary" way to go. Get them HERE at Tiger Direct.

    TigerDirect will give Tom's hardware members a discount. :)

    Click this link
    HERE for contact information.

    TigerDirect doesn't sell the Ubiquiti AirVision® system. If you think this is the way you want to go, a list of sources is
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