Gtx680 sli FPS + Bf3


first let me start with my system specs: :bounce:

gtx 680 sli ( oc edition and reference card )

8 GB vengeance Ram

asus p8z86 deluxe gen3 mobo

850w zelman PSU.

2600 i7 overclocked to 4.3 Ghz. water cooled

playing games on zr2740w playing games on 2560x1440.

ssd for gamming

2 tb hdd for storage

i play fps games mostly BF3 on ultra setting which are as fallows :

1) every thing on ULTA.
2) AA off.
3) MSAA on x4
4) motion blur : OFF
5) vsync : off.
6) antisotopic filter: x16.
7) AA post : off.
8) AO: HBAO.

now im getting FPS
some where between 55 to 70 FPS depending on map, but i taught the sli would give me 100+ fps but it never does, i have upto date drivers.

i overclocked my GPU to 4.3 GHz still no improvement...nvidia control panel is at normal setting (should i experiment with that? )

just want to improve my FPS as some times FPS dips.

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    Is that during multiplayer? and whats maps specifically? I know the more and larger the players on a map the slower it will get. Double check that SLI is enabled, it can be easily overlocked...
  2. thanks for the replay.

    yes the sli is enabled, both cards run at abt 90ish % while gaming

    yes i play multi player only

    last night it i recorded my FPS from as lower as 40 to hightest of 87 ....this on large maps.

    small maps it averages around 70
  3. anyone ?? need help plz
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