How t o overclock asus dc2 670 gtx

hey guys today i just got my asus dc2 670 GTX cant wait to overclock it.

but i am new to nvidia so i dont know the basics and stuff.

can you guys tell me how should i overclock?.

dont want to end up frying the first day lol.
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  1. You can use ASUS GPU Tweak:

    Be careful about how much you overclock. Read up on several guides first before proceeding.
  2. Try this tutorial, it goes over everything needed for GTX 670 overclocking, and takes into account that each chip is different.I use it and ended up with great results i highly recommend it to all 670 owners.
  3. since its an nvidia the best way to oc it is to have the nvidia's performance tuning software which is readily available
    on their website first of all check ur gpu temp and increase ur fan speed to the maximum and slightly try to oc the core clock and the memory clock and the shader just by a 5 mhz or so on and test ur current settings on a game benchmark tool and note the fps rates try to find out any glitches whlile benchmarking like reduced fps screen stuttering,altered hue dat but am damn sure dat wont happen bcoz the kepler based gpu's are the best to oc nd nt nly that asus has re engineered it to be oc while keeping it cool.....continue the same process nd the nxt time u clock try to clock dat by 10 mhz for every step...u could not reach the clock rates of amp edition of gtx 670 from zotac or the dc2t from asus..coz they r factory overclocked by altering voltages..unless u alter the voltages there is no risk..its as simple as dat.......for amateur ocing do not try to clock by altering the voltages...and actually u doesnt need dat sort of clocking..for gaining 5 fps increase....just alter the clock rates and run ur fan at the 100% limit...njoy guys...
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