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Built a new computer but nothing is on the screen

December 22, 2012 5:55:57 PM

Hi, I got this kit from Tiger direct. Here is the link:

After I built it, everything turns on, the fans work,but simply nothing is on my screen. I tried plugging the VGA port ion my video card and I also treid plugging it on the vga port that is built in on my mother board, but that would should up anything on my monitor. I tried using 2 monitors, but nothing works. I also tried plugging in HDMI wire directly through the video card and or the HDMI port that the motherboard included. Simply nothing works.

I tried unplugging my 2 flans that was included and I took out a 4gb of ram. Still nothing works, like computer runs, but nothing is on my screen. (notice I seperatly bought a dvd drive and a 1tb harddrive.) nothing shows up.

I tried removing my hard drive that I am using currently and trying it on my new computer kit, still nothing shows up. I tried removing the video card that was included in the kit and nothing shows up.

Notice: I took all my screw out and put them again. I made sure they are tight and secure. but nothing shows up on my screen. How come this happens? Sometimes.... the power supply suddenly turns off after a minute-4 minutes? Please help, I got this kit a few days ago and it doesn't work.

Experience: Yes I have built a computer before, this is my 2nd kit. And I do have experience in building a computer.

Thank you, I really do not know why nothing shows up on my screen.

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