Open CL - issue?

Hi all - simple question (i think)
Just got a new GPU(hd7870-2gb) a few days ago, it seems to be working perfectly,
but when I tried to open GPU-Z, I get a message it crashed at "Open CL detection,
please update your Open CL and Graphics drivers".
Would you like to re-enable open CL detection?" If i click yes, the program closes, if I
click no it opens & shows my GPU temps, etc.

These are the latest drivers,Catalist 12.11.

What would cause this Open CL dtetection issue?

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  1. Are you using the current release of GPU-Z?
  2. COLGeek said:
    Are you using the current release of GPU-Z?

    Yes - just updated a few days ago v6.6

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    Sounds like a glitch with either GPU-Z or the drivers. If everything is working ok otherwise, I would recommend you ignore the issue.

    To resolve, try uninstalling both the drivers/Catalyst and GPU-Z completely. Run a tool like CCleaner to remove anything left in the registry. Re-boot and reinstall both.

    See if that clears things up.
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