Added a second HDD -> Now both HDDs disappear (XP)


I have an old system that I used to use. I'm giving it for my family to use for basic gaming, web browsing, videos, music, etc. I started working on it, grouping all the things I needed from the computer into one folder. After that, I added a new HDD to it. As a result, I tried booting into the computer and found out that I cannot boot into anything other than my floppy drive, and my CD drive. My original 120GB HDD, and the added 80GB HDD won't show up. What is the problem and what should I do to fix this?

I've tried switching the IDE cable connectors around on the one cable I used. There are three interfaces on the cable, and one of them I used to connect to the motherboard. The other two I used were for the two hard drives, and I switched them around so the computer would boot from the correct hard drive with the OS on it. Sadly, no luck. Help!
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  1. Currently, I've reverted back to my original setup. I left the added HDD mounted to the case inside, but I disconnected it completely from the rest of the computer. Does anybody have any clue as to how I should fix this problem so I can run this configuration off of two hard drives? I want one carrying storage data, and the other one carrying the OS installation.
  2. I would guess you need to check master and slave jumpers on the two IDE drives. Set the drive you want to be the C: drive to master and the second drive as slave. Usually there is a jumper legend on the drive itself.
  3. That may be the reason why, for I had forgotten about those options. I'll check it out, thanks!
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