New-ish PC BSOD's before login, Startup Repair Utility possibly stuck

The specs:

CoolerMaster HAF 912
BIOstar TA890FXE Motherboard
AMD Phenom II X4 970 @3.5Ghz BE
Nvidia GTs 450 OR Radeon HD 6870
Seagate 750GB HDD
750W PSU
Corsair H60 closed-loop liquid cooling unit

So I recently aquired a few parts from a relative (the mobo, Radeon 6870, and the CPU). I decided to buy a new tower, liquid cooling system, and PSU, and I was going to mesh it all together as a cheap way to sorta build a new computer. I put all the parts together which took a while, considering that this is my first build. On the first startup, it got post BIOS and got to the "Loading Windows" screen. Just before it finished, I get a BSOD that lasts too short to get any info and it reboots. At first, I though that it could've been the Radeon GPU, so I switched it out to the Nvidia one, since that's what the previous PC was using. No results. I booted into the Windows Startup Utility to check for any errors. On the first try, it was "attempting to fix errors" for around 25 minutes, but it then said that it couldn't fix the errors. Next time I try it, it does something different and says that it is fixing disk errors. This is where I worry. That hard drive is rather precious to me.

Anyway, it says that it may take "over one hour" to finish. It has been about 18 hours now, and not only is it not done, but the HDD isn't making any noise. All I hear are the fans. For whatever reason, the HDD status light on the front of the tower was never working, possibly due to some bad wiring on my part. It was making noise when I first started it. After a few hours, I went to bed with it still making noise. When I woke up, no noise. I'm going to assume that the utility is just frozen and that it won't continue. However, I can still move the mouse around. It won't let me cancel it, so my only option would be to hit the power button. Do you think it would be safe for me to hit the power button, since it's not making noise? As far as I know, it hasn't made noise in the past 7 hours. Is there a chance that I had something wrong with the wiring? Again, this is my first build and I'd really like to keep this hard drive intact. If there's a way for me to boot from a new hard drive and copy the data over from the old one, then so be it.

Any ideas?
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  1. Looks like I'm gonna have to bump this. As an update, the PC is still on the repair utility, so I'm pretty sure that it's pointless to let it continue.

    Can anyone at least try to deduce what the problem could have been? Is there a chance that the HDD decided to fail at just this moment? Is faulty wiring to blame? Software change?
  2. I have pretty much the exact same problem, reading your post was basically like writing down what just happened to me.

    The only difference in our specs is the CPU and MOBO.

    I have to ask you, what where you doing the last time your started up your system?
  3. When you switch mobos you need to generalize Windows so it doesnt try to use drivers from the old Mobo. To do this you need to run sysprep before you move the HDD to the new mobo.
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