Issue w/ video (Gigabyte HD7850 2Gb OC)

Not so long ago I finished my build and have an issue since then, after some time playing more system demanding games in my case Battlefield 3, the issue is that suddenly screen goes black or black with parallel horizontal white stripes and also game sound starts to loop, and sometimes I have noticed that video card fans have stopped(but i have noticed it only in about 1 case of 10), after restart everything seems ok again and works fine, but after some hours it occurs again, have noticed it in other games too like WoT, but I have never noticed it during movie watching, internet surfing or playing some old games.

My build:

Gigabyte GA-890FXA-UD7
Phenom II x6 1100T BE(it was OC to 3.8 Ghz but after this issue started to occur I returned it to stock values) with Ninja 3 CPU cooler
Gigabyte HD 7850 2Gb OC version
2 x 2 Gb Kingston HyperX RAM
Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit

First i thought that it's because of my PSU cause I used old no brand 450W PSU and it has not enough power to run my build at peak loads, but 5 days ago I brought Corsair TX750 V2 Bronze PSU and 750W should be more than enough but still I have this issue. Then I tried to lower GPU clock settings (lowered from 975 to 750 Mhz) and it helped a little bit, issue occurs now not so often but this isn't normal to run video card supposed to do 975 Mhz at 750 Mhz and yes video card temperature is 60 Celsius at most so I don't think it can be overheating issue. I tried to run stress tests for example left Prime95 working for almost 30 hours and 0 errors 0 warnings and now when PSU is changed as I see the only possible culprit is Video card so there is a question should I try just changing video card at store or maybe there is issue in my build or there are some settings which I should check?
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  1. How are you monitoring your system temperatures (CPU and GPU in particular)? What are your idle and load temps for each?
  2. For video card monitoring I'm using standard AMD Vision Engine control center(I used it to lower GPU clock too) and temperatures are 30 for idle and 60 for load

    For CPU i use Everest and temperatures are 18 for idle and 36 for load (for non OC system my CPU cooler is too overkill)
  3. for the heck of it.... uninstall the amd drivers. reboot. reinstall but don't install the sound driver with it. just the CCC and the graphics drivers. don't let windows auto update the sound drivers.
  4. Maybe it's a video card fault? RMA it?!
  5. swifty_morgan I'll try it.

    ProVisionOman it can be, I just want first of all to be certain that problem is not in my build. With such unclear issue it will take much effort, "blood spilling" and patience to convince store that the problem is really with their card but not my system so before trying RMA I want to be 110% sure that this is video card fault.
  6. you say the video card is at 60c.. ?? whatever, that would be the processor but the power circuitry gets much hotter. could be heat related ? and you are unaware of it.
  7. swifty_morgan I'll try setting GPU fan speed to maximum.
  8. By the way can you suggest program to stress test GPU?
  9. want to test GPU and torture it at full load, cause it seems after setting fans to maximum helps almost five hours playing with no issues, although AMD Vision Engine control center shows temperature 49 celsius instead of 60 earlier.
  10. okay, so your card has a cooling problem. it's always going to have that problem. send the card back.
  11. Everyone thanks for help, especially swifty_morgan ;)
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