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I'm not sure exactly what is going on with my computer. It will boot up kinda weird at first, it goes to a black screen with a solid white line like it wants to open windows boot manager but then starts loading my OS. The major issue that I am having is that my computer will work for a short amount of time, but then it will just freeze. I am still about to move my mouse around and keyboard still responds but no program will open/move and it sits there for a minute or two, then resumes as if nothing ever went wrong. I have tested everything I could think of. I re-did the OS on the hard disk, changed the wires, checked each ram stick, updated the BIOS. Any ideas/advice would be very helpful
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  1. i dont know if it fits your problem.

    it could be your OS is invected with virus, after you re-did OS, it could be invected again because virus could be in your drive D/E and you executed it

    your cpu may suffer overheating. please check you temp. normal temp using stock cooler is below 50 celcius
  2. I found out that it was my PSU failing me. I swapped out for an old PSU I had laying around and now it works fine. That is the second power supply that has failed me though. I just have horrible luck with power supplies XD
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