Need help building my first rig.

Hello there. :hello:
I am going to be getting a new computer pretty soon and I've heard/seen great things about this site and that it's the best place to ask for help about computer components/builds, so here I am... :)
So basically the computer is going to be used for everything (except for some kind of hardcore programming or something like that), but I'd also like to be able to enjoy some high quality gaming...So let's say I need a mid-range gaming build.
My budget range is (after using a currency converter) approximately $810 or EU 615.
I HAVE a monitor, I don't think I'm going to be buying a new one any time soon. The monitor is 19" SAMSUNG (Says SyncMaster 710v) - not sure what the maximum resolution is, but I think I can go 1600x---- ish.
What else should I add...basically I don't need anything else but the configuration, of course(I don't have any "brand preferences", I'm not something you might call AMD/Nvidia fanboy, I just want the components to be the best bang for the buck and perfectly balanced with the budget), and that would include:
A good CPU - one that would handle most of the current and coming games ( I don't think that I'm going to be overclocking since I'm not really familiar with this process. I don't want to take any chances.) I've heard that the new Ivy Bridge processors - for example - i5 3330 - are pretty good, maybe something like that ?
Motherboard - not really sure about this, but I saw that this one: ASROCK B75 PRO3 supports 1600 MHz memory and SATA III, PCI-E 3.0, which sounded pretty good to me;
RAM: Do you think that 4 gigs of RAM @ 1600 MHz would be enough for a gaming build ? Or would you recommend getting 8 ?
HDD: Price differences between a 320/500/1024GB over here are completely ridiculous (like 10-20$), so I think that this: WD 1024GB, 7200rpm, 64MB, Blue would be quite decent, right ?
GPU - the most important is where I really need your help. I've seen different cards for the budget such as: Sapphire Radeon HD 7770 1GB; 7850 (Can't find any 6850 or 6870 - they are out). Nvidia would get the situation pricy since the company, from which I will be buying the components are out of GTX 5XX series. They only offer GTX 6XX - any suggestions for an optimal GPU ?
Power Supply: Could you suggest a good PSU brand ? And would 450-500 watts be enough ?
Case: A friend of mine told me that this case: Fractal Design Core 3000 (pretty expensive) was a great deal since it has a great air flow or something like that (not sure how to say it in English) and I wouldn't need an extra cooler for the CPU
CD/DVD - I think that a cheap ASUS writer would be enough, right ?

Well..I guess that's all. I'm sorry if the post is VERY long. I hope you understand that I just want to make sure that I don't waste my money for bad components, that's all.
Take care and merry Christmas ! :)
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  1. I forgot to add - I am located at Bulgaria and I intend to order the components from a Bulgarian company called SKY ( You can check their site out - ). I don't have the opportunity to order the parts from anywhere else than my country :(
  2. For around $810 I would try for: (Based on availability)

    Proc: Core i5 3570k - 210$
    HSF: Coolermaster Hyper 212 EVO - 25$
    MoBo: Biostar tz77xe3 OR AsRock Extreme4 Gen3 z77 ~ 120$
    RAM: 8GB Ripjaws 1600mhz - 34$
    Gfx: ASUS GTX660 - 210$
    PSU: Corsair 600w - ~ 70$
    Case: Your choice - ~ 50$
    HDD: 1tb WDigital Caviar - 20$
    SSD: Any 120GB - 100$
    DVDRW: ASUS -20$

    So about 769$ after rebates assuming you get a case for around 50$

    That should get you some room to get a decent keyboard/mouse/speaker start.
  3. Mate, I just tried doing that and in my country the price came something like $1180....which is insane :D
    Any other suggestions ?
  4. heavenorhell said:
    Mate, I just tried doing that and in my country the price came something like $1180....which is insane :D
    Any other suggestions ?

    Try hard to find someone on Ebay who will ship international :l
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