Dell Dimension C521

Hi there

Sorry to dig up this issue after the discussion of a year ago.

All I want to do is connect my C521(using Windows Vista) to the HDMI3 of a new Panasonic HD TV. In order to watch TV & Movies.

I would like the PC's monitor to be usable without fiddling with connectors each time so reckon that a graphics card is the answer.
The GeForce 210 is to be found in most computer stores in the UK. Would this work?

Some of the cards suggested in earlier threads specify a 400w power supply, the Geforce 210 only 300w. So would that be an advantage?

Any other suggestions welcome

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  1. Get the low profile version
    It will work with 300W PSU and i have also test it on a 250W PSU.
    It works fine without any issue.
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