New Mobo, RAM, and CPU?

Hello I put a HP p6-2143w into a new case and now I'm upgrading Mobo, RAM, and CPU. I have over 15 games and I recently upgraded to windows 8 pro. Will I be able to just swap everything out? What would I need to do to avoid reinstalling all my games and windows 8? I only have a 120gb external hard drive so i dont have the memory to back it up. Thanks
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  1. If you Swap your Mobo for a new one along with RAM and CPU, it will no longer be the same PC therefor it may not boot into Windows.
  2. What should I do?
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    You will need to install a clean copy of windows and than transfer your files from a back up.
    If you bough the upgrade to windows 8 you cant perform a clean install using the same licence you will need an OEM copy.

    Do you use a platform for gaming such as steam or do you have the Installation discs? if you do just backup your saved games, as far as other programs you will need to re-install only thing you will be able to back up are files such as music,pictures and documents.
  4. The windows 8 is from retail so will I need to Deactivate? And my games are from Steam, Orgin, Uplay, and disks. So will I need to deactivate any games or do I just install when I flop MoBo?
  5. If you have steam it creates folders for every game in your document folder which you contains your saved game data, and dont worry about activating games, any game you purchase through steam can be re- download as many time as you like, i have dual boot ML and Win7 and i have the games on both through my steam account, as far as windows you dont need to deactivate anything, just do format the hard drive do a clean installation and it will a activate online you just cant use that copy on 2 pc at the same time.
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