GPU Temps are really high with new case

Hey guys, I recently built a new computer recycling my existing GPU and after many problems I finally got it working! :D

Anyways the problem is that my old Xfx Radeon 4870 1gb graphics card is running even hotter in my new case which is a Coolermaster HAF 922 which has an extra 2 fans built into it compared to my old case. The old isn't branded but the case wasn't great and the only fan was on the back of it.

Coolermaster HAF 922 GPU temp: 71°C idle and averaging around 92°C whilst playing Arma 2.

In my old case the temps would never reach over 84°C whilst the GPU was under stress and I thought that was bad enough. I don't seem to have the same problem with my new CPU however as that's running around 18°C idle which is pretty chilly for a stock cooler!

Does anyone have any ideas on how I could lower the temperatures? And to note I'm using a temporary 450W PSU which may be insufficient for the power needs of the GPU but I'm not too sure on this.

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  1. Even at 84°C seems pretty high, let alone 92°C. Have you some fans blowing at the GPU? Is the fan on the GPU operating correctly? It could be many different things, it may even be a faulty sensor but I'm not sure as I don't own this card.
  2. One of the exterior fans is blowing just above the card and the PSU fan is blowing directly into it. There is also a fan on the top of the case but I'm not sure if that's getting much airflow to the card. I'll be getting a new PSU soon once Corsair have replaced the faulty one they sent me so hopefully that may cool the card abit better.
  3. fan must be set this way to create good air flow front and side as intake top and back as output so if your psu fan push hot air to the gpu chance it will raise in temp,this case has a 200mm on top at 700 rpm with the same for front one and a 120mm in the back at 1700 rpm see this you find how to set your fans for better cooling
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