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I have an AMD Radeon 7770 in my system, however when I visit the website and click "Graphics Driver" it says Intel HD 2000 instead of AMD 7770. When I click dxdiag.exe and go to Display it says AMD Radeon 7770. Why is it doing this?

1. The program Lucid was installed when I was trying to install drivers from ASRock's motherboard CD. I did remove the program. Could the program have done something?
2. Do I need to change something in my BIOS, right now the graphics is set to the PCI Express, the other option is PCI. Which should I put?
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  1. You would need to make sure you have the correct slot selected in BIOS. Pull out your MOBO manual and check and verify which slot your graphics is installed in. It is a PCI-e 3.0 able card. Insure drivers are updated. Also, double check what you have selected in BIOS. Also, try CPUID and see what it says you have installed.

    I tried the intel site listed and it shows my currently used GPU.

    When you say Lucid, do you mean Lucid Virtu? I know that is a program that comes with Gigabyte boards(not sure about with others), and I think it is a Gigabyte program. It allows you to use 2 different video drivers for different tasks. For instance, I can use my integrated graphics on my CPU for simple things and then when the power is needed for gaming or other applications, it will automatically switch over to my 660ti.
  2. Yeah its the Lucid Virtu program. I have a PCI 3.0. The only available options are PCI OnBoard and PCI Express, when I tried on-board I had to unplug the cable from my graphics card and put it in the one that came with the motherboard. All of the drivers are updated I think.
  3. Or intel could just identifying the drivers it is looking for. Intel wouldn't be updating your 7770's drivers, but it would be updating intel integrated drivers. I have integrated graphics disabled so that's why it recognized my video card. Could be nothing to worry about.

    I assume you play games. Do they run any worse since Intel detected the HD graphics opposed from you 7770?
  4. you need the intel driver for the video chipset that is on you cpu then go to amd and install the driver for the hd 7770 for your os
  5. on new mb you can have the ipgpu and the gpu turned on. in the bios turn off muilt monitor support and the onboard ipgpu will turn off. make sure you have the monitor plugged into the gpu when you do this or your screen will black out.
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