Need Advice on(dual 7770 or single gtx 660)

hey guys i need some suggestions about a good gpu because i just cant choose....

i have a 3570k

an asus p8z77

8gb ram

i want to play baf 3,cod 4 mod 1,2,3 bo1,2 dishonored bordelands2 on regural to high settings!!!!

if non of this 2 options are good just tell me ur opinion please it would really help

i really a need an answer guys if you can......thank you very far you have been very helpfull
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  1. The 7770's would yield better performance that is for sure, they can average close to 60 FPS in BF3 on Ultra (maybe High is a bit more realistic) and a single 660 would be in the 40 FPS range. Personally I'd stretch my budget to get a GTX 660 Ti. Also, factor in whether or not you'll be getting reference or non reference. If you do get the 7770's, I would suggest these: . Those would probably get you closer to 70+ FPS on BF3 on Ultra. If you go the Nvidia route, an Asus GTX 660/660ti DirectCUII TOP would be more than adequate.
  2. Go for a single card.

    Considering 90% scaling, HD 7770 crossfire will be very close to performance of a single GTX 660:

    However, GTX 660 has double VRAM (2 GB vs 1 GB). It will also not have issues associated with dual graphics cards setups.
  3. thanks guys
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