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I have SLI 570GTX thus supporting 3D Vision. I have been looking at 120Hz monitors but first I want to know if I were to plug my LG TV that has a 240Hz refresh rate to my PC and switch on Stereoscopic, what would I need? Such as active or passive glasses? Would this work at all? I can't seem to find the info needed to go through with purchasing the glasses at first, and then eventually look at my monitor options.
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  1. Not knowing anything about ya TV .... such as model ..... that's going to be very hard to answer. But ya can look up what does work with 3D Vision here:
  2. Ok, so I thought that what made a TV 3D ready was the fact that it's firstly 120Hz or above, the built in GPU, and active or passive glasses. So my logic leads me to think that if my PC's GPU's could output 3D, regardless of a monitors model or in this case TV, everything could work together. I'm really short on what I know, but if anyone could explain exactly how this 3D functionality works, maybe then I could ask the right questions.
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