Homebuilt Is this good enough for max settings on all games?

Hey guys here is the specs

Processor: i7 2600k

Ram: Kingstons 16gb

Mother board: Gigabyte Z68XP-UD3R

Video card: GTX 680 Soon upgrading to SLI

Case: Antec gaming case Nine hundred V3

Operating system: Windows 7

Keyboard: Razer blackwidow ultimate

Mouse: Razer mamba 2013

Monitor: 30inch 1080 3d TV not sure of brand

So what do u guys think? is it good? does it need anything extra haha ?
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  1. Yes. Get a 3770k? It has more PCIe stuff goin' on, and it cost like an extra $10, so why not?
  2. A good psu and ssd. And no need for i7; won't do any better compared to i5 in gaming
  3. ^Because both are a waste of money over an i5 3570k.

    The only difference between an i5 and an i7 is hyperthreading, which games don't use anyways - the i5 is by FAR the better pick.

    Get 8GB of ram instead of 16 - with Battlefield 3, Photoshop, AND 20 tabs in chrome, a computer doesn't even used 7GB, and that's without a pagefile.

    Get the z77x-ud3h instead of the z68 if you get an ivy bridge chip.

    Don't bother with a 680 - it's only 5% faster than a 670 for $100 more... and SLI is pointless, since a 670 will max basically any game out there at 1080p without even breaking a sweat.

    Make sure you're using the 64-bit version of Windows - otherwise you're screwing yourself in so many ways.

    The blackwidow is a horribly horribly built keyboard - although it IS mechanical, there are far better mechanical keyboards for far less. (Look at Leopolds. And no, you don't need backlighting - you shouldn't be looking at your keyboard in the first place. :P )

    I'd get a deathadder over a mamba just because wired mice are ALWAYS going to be better than wireless, and won't ever die on you in the middle of the match, but that's me.

    So no, it doesn't need anything extra, but it also could be trimmed down to save you a LOT of money without sacrificing performance in any way whatsoever. (Unless you already bought these parts and are just trying to brag, in which case I'll tell you that you wasted a lot of money for no extra performance... and look like a braggart.)
  4. HAha thanks darksable i will sell some prts then for some extra money :) and the mamba is wired o-0? its wireless and wired
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