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I recently built a new PC. It was running fine for the first few hours, but after a day or two, got its first BSOD with error PFN_LIST_CORRUPT. I read up on this and found out it was either a RAM problem or a driver issue. The past couple of days, I have been getting more BSODs, these ones with errors MEMORY_MANAGEMENT and SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION, as well as the PFN one again. All these BSODs can be traced back to the RAM or drivers. I have 2 8gb. sticks of Corsair XMS3 RAM, so I decided to run a memtest, which the computer failed. I took out each stick of RAM individually and found that one of them fails the memtest whereas the other passes. I've been using the single stick of RAM for awhile now and still have been having BSODs.

I have reason to believe that the issue is not in my RAM, however, because almost every time I start up the PC a message shows up which says that the drivers were not installed correctly (it's a huge list of drivers). Yet, when I check out the device manager it shows that all devices are working properly. Unlike any other computer I've used in my life, when I try to use something as simple as a flash drive, my computer is unable to find drivers for it and I must do it manually in order for it to work. I really need to know how to fix this problem as I have large sums of money invested in the PC. If anything needs to be clarified, let me know. Thanks in advance for any help I can get!
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  1. Also, some specs on my machine:

    AMD Vishera FX-6300 CPU
    ASUS M5A97 R2.0 motherboard
    2x8gb Corsair XMS3 RAM
    GeForce GT 640 Graphics Card
    Rosewill HIVE 550 Watt PSU
    Seagate 2 Tb hard drive
    Running Windows 7 home premium 64-bit
  2. first i would rma the ram since it did not pass the memtest after you get new good working ram in then we could see if there is another issue.
  3. Well, I'm pretty sure it isn't the RAM that's an issue. I do plan on getting it replaced, but would like to solve the problem before I return it as it will take some time. I just got another BSOD this morning with MEMORY_MANAGEMENT again. I'm going to monitor when the BSODs happen exactly. I have a theory that they occur when I do not see the window on bootup that says 'Driver device software was not successfully installed'. Lately whenever I have seen this message, I can't remember getting a BSOD on that bootup. However, on the occasions where that message does not appear, I know I've gotten the blue screens. I will make sure to keep tabs on when they happen. Below is the list of drivers that it claims were not installed successfully (all of which still work fine):
    ACPI x64-based PC
    WAN Miniport (IKEv2)
    UMBus Root Bus Enumerator
    WAN Miniport (L2TP)
    Composite Bus Enumerator
    WAN Miniport (Network Monitor)
    Universal Serial Bus (USB) Controller
    WAN Miniport (IP)
    WAN Miniport (IPv6)
    WAN Miniport (PPPOE)
    WAN Miniport (PPTP)
    WAN Miniport (SSTP)
    Universal Serial Bus (USB) Controller
    PCI to PCI Bridge
    PCI to PCI Bridge
    Universal Serial Bus (USB) Controller
    Universal Serial Bus (USB) Controller
    Serial ATA Controller
    PCI to ISA Bridge
    Universal Serial Bus (USB) Controller
    Universal Serial Bus (USB) Controller
    PCI to PCI Bridge
    Universal Serial Bus (USB) Controller
    PCI to PCI Bridge
    Dell USB Keyboard

    I don't know if that will be of any help, but thought I'd include it anyways.
  4. did you install the driver for the motherboard that came with the cd also use this and see what it will report for bsod http://www.resplendence.com/whocrashed adding this do a test on the drive with the maker tool http://www.seagate.com/support/downloads/seatools/
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