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Hello everyone. I built my computer a few days ago, but have not used it because I am awaiting the arrival of a monitor. I powered it up yesterday, and it worked fine, however today, nothing. Not even the power supply fans spin. I have checked all of the connections, and nothing appears to be loose, and I tried multiple outlets to be safe. When I press the power button on the mother board, I hear a little click, and the fans twitch once, but nothing after that. Help!

Corsair HX 750W PSU
ASRock Extreme4 Z77 MOBO
Haf 922 Case

Thanks everyone!
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  1. I would view some basic troubleshooting videos on the power supply and motherboard; the cpus rarely fail unless the heatsink came loose.
  2. connect the black and brown wires on the 24v power cord for the mobo with a paperclip. If a fan or HDD turns on then your mobo is defective. You may also want to remove the power button connector from the pins and connect those two pins with a paperclip and see if it will boot.
  3. thanks guys. I solved it. It was the PSU.
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