What is the fastest single slot pcie 2.0 graphics card

im looking for the fastest and most powerful single slot pcie 2.0 graphics card
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  1. PCIe 3.0 card will work in PCIe 2.0 boards with little performance compromise, to be honest you probably wouldn't even be able to notice the difference. Now that that is out of the way, when you say "single slot" do you mean the entire card cooler and all have to be "single slot" or do you mean just one card, no SLI/Xfire?

    Assuming you mean the latter, From AMD = HD7970 From Nvidia = 680 <--(690 has 2 680 cores on one PCB so technically it fits your criteria as well).
  2. Why PCIe 2.0? Do you have PCIe 1.0 slot?

    Anyway, until you answer that, here's fastest single slot 3.0 card:

    Fastest single slot PCIe 2.1 card:

    @thomas: that's not single slot.
  3. i looking for the fastest nvidia card that is single slot and takes full advantage of pcie 2.0 the pcie2.0 slot is going to be reserved for the best pcie 2.0 physsics card i can find that can take full advantage of pcie2.0 but not go beyond 2.0
    i have 4 slots to work with

    in this arrangment

    slot 1 _____________ pcie 3.0 x16

    slot 2 _____________ pcie x1

    slot 3 _____________ pcie x1

    slot 4 _____________ pcie 2.0 x16

    <end of metal case here>


    its a sff case called the lanbox lite by thermaltake

    my system is already going to have a nvidia card in it and later on i may get a gtx 660 for the pcie 3 slot in my matx mobo i dont want amd and nvidia hardware mixing in the same system i don't like amd / ati drivers cause they tend to be bloated and unstable

    there are alot of programs out there that dont play nice with amd /ati drivers

    i already know full well that amd/ati cards are much better buy and can give me more power and speed even in a single slot but i need a nvidia card only this is a nvidia only system period

    it will have an ivy bridge 3+ ghz intel i5 quad core 3rd gen cpu in it

    it will have a 320 gb sata hard drive in a 3.5 inch bay in the bottom of the case

    a sata dvd burner in one of the 2 5.2 inch bays at the front

    there is 1 more 3.5 inch bay at the front of the case that is intended to be used by devices such as floppy drives and card readers both of which i might use down the road

    in total the system has 4 expansion slots 2 5.2 inch bays 1 3.5 inch bay that can have a device with an exposed outer panel and a 3.5 inch bay in the case ment solely for a hard drive

    the system will be fully sata based and will have engineered handle mounted on the top of the case to be carried when all the screws are in

    this is my system im building the pcie 3.0 x16 slot will have a powerful dedicated gtx 660 in it some day and the pcie 2.0 will be for a physics card only the 2.0 slot i dont want a badass 3.0 card in i want a 2.0 card that can take full advantage of that slot as a physics card is nvidia made uses only 1 expansion slot cooler pcb and all i want the best buy for a pcie 2.0 nvidia single slot physics card

    the pcie 3.0 slot can hold a dual slot card easy but the pcie 2.0 cant hold anything that takes up more then one expansion slot
  4. There is no card in the world that will use up full potential of 2.0 slot. That's why it's ok to have 3.0 card in 2.0 slot.
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