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just built a pc for my son got parts told to me by sunius and olowed instruction on the video links i was sent , turned it on all fans leds etc running msi flashes on sceen but no beep and nothing after the screen goes from msi screen to blue (which on my tv normally means no signal) , any ideas whats gone wrong ???? its supposed to be a xmas gift for him :/
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  1. Can you get into the BIOS? Check psu voltages, that shouldn't be the problem, and then make sure that your pc is booting from the correct drive.
  2. on your tv make sure set to pc mode. on the build make sure you start with the video plug on the onboard mb port. if there two video cards..onboard and after market...the system may be switching from onboard to the gpu. the other issue could be that the video from the pc is higher then the tv can link to. with new build check the bios rev of the mb..most times there missing bug fixes. most new mb dont have soilder on speakers..some mb vendor add them as spare parts some dont. with windows cd or usb stick in the pc..change the boot order in the bios.on reboot you should get a message on black screen hit any key to boot from cd. hit any key and follow windows installer.
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