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Which Screen is recommended

Hello guys....i would like to ask your opinion regarding monitor...i'm using now AOC LED 22'inch for my PC...and today i got a new LG TV LED 32'inch that i just won from a contest recently. Both LED is full HD that can support 1080p, and i'm planning to use the 32'inch as my new monitor for my PC. The question is are they any disadvantage using this TV LED as your Screen Monitor? Any problem that i should know about? For your information this PC is function more for watching FILM and a little bit of office work and also just for normal games like SC2 or old games like RED ALERT or AGE of EMPIRE. Really need your advise regarding this issue. BTW my PC spec is Quad core 9300, DDR3 16GB 1333mhz, Asus GTX 560 Direct CuII OC 1GB 256Bit, Asus P5P53TD PRO, and 500GB x2 for RAID 0 setup.

Thanks in advance.
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    these days to biggest difference is a tv will have speakers and care less about bevels and such. thus the drawback would multimonitor. some models will not look as good at computer distances since they as designed for room length viewing, but all in all, very little practical difference
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