Graphics card creating artifacts on hp pavilion-dv4 1275mx

My graphics card is creating artifacts on the screen of my hp pavilion-dv4 1275mx and I plan to change it myself. Any recommendations on replacing the original with the same one or something more reliable? I only use the laptop for browsing the internet, nothing fancy. Just wanna avoid doing it again anytime soon.
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  1. Graphics in laptops are integrated and cannot be replaced without replacing the motherboard which holds the graphics chip. If not they are proprietary to the laptop and you will need to find one specifically for that laptop. If you can find something to replace it with, you'll still have a better time looking for another laptop to replace your current one instead of trying to replace the video.

    What I would do is connect a second display to the laptop and see if the video shows artifacts. If not, it could just be your laptop display going out. Maybe.
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