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Hey guys, just as it says in the title, is it time to get a new computer or do you all think I can hold it out for another two years? I live in Australia,so i can only dream of those super low low prices in US D:, and i'm starting my VCE studies, (Year 11 & 12) so i don't think ill be doing that much gaming between these two upcoming years. My computer specs are as listed below and is based off the x58 chipset. I mainly game, but i do like to play with CS6 from time to time nothing intensive though.

CPU: Intel Core i7 920 (Bloomfield) @ 2.80Ghz (To OC or not to OC?)
CPU Cooler: Stock Foxconn
GPU: GTX 560 (although i received a gtx 680 as a gift so ill use the 560 for PHYSX)
Motherboard: GA-X58A-UD3R rev2.0
HDD: Seagate 1TB
Optical Drive: LG Super Multi DVD Reader/Writer
RAM: Corsair Triple Channel Memory 6X4GB (24GB) @ 1600mhz (I haven't run XMP so idk, is it even running at 1600mhz???)
PSU: Thermaltake Toughpower 775W 80 Bronze

I have extreme performance issues as loading times for Windows 7 is about 40 seconds and the logon audio lags REALLY BAD. Shut down time is terrible, 5 minutes... on a good day.

So from this list of parts, what is in need of an upgrade? SSD? PSU? Case i will be replacing with a NZXT Phantom 820 (Present :D)

I have 500-600 in aussie dollars to spend on upgrades but am willing to push and extra 50 or 100 if its totally worth it.

I will be purchasing only from Centrecom or PCCG. No international shipping from Newegg, so i can't get dem tasty low prices :cry:

Thanks for the help and advice in advance!
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  1. I don't know if you need to upgrade anything honestly. That just sounds like you have a lot of clutter on your hdd. Try Defragging it. That might be enough. You should definitely oc also. That cpu might cause a slight bottleneck on your gpu by the way.
  2. lol, i defrag and use ccleaner every 2 days. So that cannot be a problem, and i did try one time to overclock but as i said i have the stock cooler, and i only overclocked too 3.45ghz (System properties said 3.25ghz) and the computer got WAY too hot, so i set it back to default settings. Well i now have 350-400ish dollars to blow as i still have to get windows, so i thought, why not?
  3. Any suggestions guys on what to upgrade?
  4. OC your CPU to 3.8ghz. That's about where this specific CPU is stable.
    Bclk : 191
    Core multiplier: x21
  5. Proclaim89 said:
    And what should I OC my CPU to?

    definitely yes

    212 evo is cheap cooler and you can catch up 4 GHz speed
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    212 EVO won't be enough for the old i7, it's quite a hot little chip. Get one of those huge $60-ish coolers - the bigger the better basically.

    Buy an SSD if you want to upgrade something and format your old HDD. Your budget's enough for 256 GB SSD which is cool. Reinstall Windows and if that doesn't fix your stalling problems then post a new thread to analyze it.
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  8. Ok then I'll do that, thanks for the help everyone!
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