Tri-Sli (but which order)?

I have three GTX570 in Tri-Sli configuration.

1. GTX570 HD 1280ram
2. GTX570 1280ram
3. GTX570 1280ram

All are stock @ 732core clk/1900mem clk. However, the HD stock voltage is 1025mV, whereas the regular GTX stock voltage is 963mV.

I'm having difficulty getting them above 805core clk and am curious if it would benefit me to move the GTX HD to slot #3 as (from my understanding) that is the least used card in SLI/does just PhysX type stuff). can tell me that 805core clk is good and I should stop whining!
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  1. In crossfire/sli you should expect the lowest common demoninator . I doubt you'd see any difference moving them outside of cooling issues. I'd be happy with the current overclock.
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