Screen lag/drag when moving windows. HD 7970

I hope the title makes sense, English not my first language.

I have this HD 7970 with latest amd drivers 12.10 I dont have any game lag of any kind but when I am browsing the internet or moving the windows around the screen, or moving the middle scroll of the mouse my google chrome/firefox lags abit anyone knows how to fix this?

I had an nvidia card 450 very old one and that never happen before
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  1. Did you figure this out? I have exactly the same problem (i have the 7870)
  2. Problably the gpu acceleration of the browser(s), see if with the ie9 the same thing occurs.
  3. Nope doesn't happen with IE10! (Although it's not always with Chrome either...)
  4. Resolved it - (Kinda) - It only actually happens when Facebook is open, I guess as the website is so intensive. When it's not open it's fine! (Doesn't happen on IE though)
  5. nope still happens :( something to do with flash maybe?, or maybe amd drivers are not great yet.
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    I guess AMD is bad, I have 7770 and I have frirzzing with it
  7. Are you guys sure you are using the 7770 instead of the igpu of the processor? connectong the screen to the card not the mobo?

    I am not an expert...
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