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Hello, I'm new to this thread and I use to build computers all the time well its been 6 years since i have built one. I'm wondering if everything on the parts I picked match, and i would like suggestions on making something better for the same price or cheaper. Oh and I'm overclocking my GPU to 4.3, wondering how much I can overclock my RAM also. Thank You :)

So far I have:

Tower: NZXT Phantom Full Tower (Have case with all Blue led fans 120mm x3, 140mm x1, 200mm x3)

Motherboard: Gigabyte LGA 1155 Z77 chip

PSU: Corsair 850W 80+bronze

Processor: I7-3770k (want to O.C. to 4.3)

Processor Fan: I don't Know any good ones and i want yall to give me some ideas no liquids plz)

RAM: Corsair Vengeance 16GB [2x8GB] 1600MHZ (will get 32GB wondering how high can I O.C.)

Graphics Card: GeForce 660 3gb x2 in SLI

HDD: Toshiba 1tb hdd 7200 RPM (won't get ssd for a while to expensive)

Moniter: ACER 23" 1080P x2

Thank You for viewing this and giving me your time :ange:
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  1. let me explain this

    gtx 660 is only 192 bit bus. your 3 way sli will absolutely bottlenecked by this bus. even 2 way sli will still suffer

    get two gtx 670 4GB and sli them :)

    ram above 16Gb is completely useless thrust me. even 8Gb is plenty

    make sure you get decent cooler. 3770k is really hot for OC. 212 evo is great performer. i know you already knew this. the stereotype isnt wrong with this one
  2. You can get a xfx double d hd7970 for 355 and overclock(should be faster than gtx660 sli). i7 is overkill if gaming is primary(i5 3570k instead). A hyper 612 is only 5 bucks more but can knock 7c off the temp versus a hyper 212. whether you go one hd7970 or 2 gtx660, an xfx 550w should meet your power needs quite well. I'm not a fan of that case myself(prefer cm haf 912 and antec three hunderd two).
  3. i figured the 212 evo was my best bet, but on the grphics card i cant afford anything over 300 (for 1) this is the only one i can find thats good for that price and i only want 2 way sli. and what exactly does the bit do?
  4. ok i figured out the bit dif i see your point but if i sli the 660s shouldnt i be able to run like skyrim on ultra with 2 screens still? thats 1080p tho so probly just high.. do you have any other nvidia card that can push as much grpahics as this for 300 or less??
  5. well i dont like amd i like nvidia and i dont just game im a programmer to. i multitask on my cp like crazy so i need a i7 with at least 4ghz. but im gunna be playing on resolution of 1620 x 1080 one moniter for gaming other for internet and talking to peeps or we i choose
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