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My spec is as follow : i73770 and gtx 670.

I have two monitors, 17 inch at 1280*1024 and 23 inc at 1920*1080. My question is, if i used a two monitor setup, will i be able to config so that when i play games, it runs only on the 23 inch, and when i'm browsing net or desktop using, it switches to two monitors? Also, will it cause any "lag" when i play games with this dual setup.

Thank you in advance for help. My english sucks, so sorry.
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  1. Yea, just extend the desktop to the second display. You can play the game on fullscreen on one monitor and then have the other monitor up with webpages, media players, etc. You might experience lag, but I would say that depends more on your CPU and RAM.
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