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Just wanted to throw this out to those who know much more than myself...

Living in Australia and decided to help out a mate build a new rig (loosely based off the Q4 $500 gaming build), and this is what I have come up with.

Motherboard: AsRock H77-Pro4-MVP $94
CPU: Intel Pentium G860 $70 *(G850 is same price, can't tell the difference?)
GPU: Asus 2GB 7850 $229
RAM: G.Skill 8GB DDR3 1600 $38
HDD: Western Digital 3.5" Green 1TB $74
PSU: Antex VP-450P PSU $52
Heat Sink: Coolmaster Hyper 101 $15
Optical: Cheapest one.... $19
Case: Special deal $35

Was really hoping this awesome would be able to help me out with my mates build as much as they did with my own one!
All help is appreciated- compatibility issues, upgrades/downgrades that should be considered etc.
*NB: Will be using the store if you wished to be EXTRA helpful! :)
Thanking you all in advance!
Kindest Regards,
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    OK here is my thought

    CPU: Intel Pentium G860 $70 *(G850 is same price, can't tell the difference?)
    It is a steal, grab it :)

    GPU: Asus 2GB 7850 $229
    Please check for 7870 price, if there is one for the same price, go for 7870

    PSU: Antex VP-450P PSU $52
    Good PSU, antec is good psu brand. But check XFX and corsair for 500-600W. maybe you can get the same price with higher capacity

    Heat Sink: Coolmaster Hyper 101 $15
    this one, i am sorry, is a waste. hyper 101 has only 2 pipe and the review isnt good. you can save money by using stock cooler or go with 3 heatpipe cooler like deppcool gammaxx 300 or cm tx3

    just my 0.02 someone can correct me for a better setup
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