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Graphic Card Installation

I will get my gt 630 in one or two days.... i have drivers of ATI chipset installed ,,, so what will i do to start
- uninstalling or disabling the current drivers??

if one can give the detailed wud be very helpful :D
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  1. just unstall that drivers using driver sweeper or try this go on start>control panel>programs>unsinstall programs and just uninstall every drivers and ati softwares if this doesnt help try driver sweeper.:)
  2. i just want to know the procedure . how to do stepwise installattion of a graphic card
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    installation of a graphic card?

    its very simple:- 1)Determine what kind of expansion slot your computer has. There are many types of desktop PC expansion slots, such as PCI. PCI-e, pci-e2.0 and AGP. You can determine which kind of slot your computer has by looking at the motherboard (meaning you'll have to turn off your computer and remove its case) or by reading the schematic of the motherboard in your computer's user manual. you can also google the type of computer you have and get the manual online if you don't have it. You'll need to get the kind of graphics card that fits into the slot you have.

    2)Turn off your computer. Disconnect the power cord from the back, or unplug it from the outlet it's connected to. If the computer was running for a while before you turned it off, you may want to give the components time to cool before proceeding.

    3)Open the computer's case.

    4)Ground yourself. Either touch a metal part of the computer case or put on an anti-static wrist strap. This will prevent you from getting an electric shock and from damaging the electronics in your computer by giving it an electric shock.
    You may also want to place your computer on a rubber mat or other non-conductive surface.

    5)Locate the slot your old graphics card is in or the slot your new card is going in. Depending on the configuration of your PC and its motherboard, you may need to lay the unit on its side.

    6)Remove your old graphics card. You'll first have to remove a small screw attached to the back plate before you can take the card out.
    If you're not replacing an old graphics card, skip this step.

    7)Install the new graphics card. Press the card straight and firmly into the slot. Make sure the card is firmly in the slot; your computer won't start up if the card isn't fully in place

    8)Replace the screw in the back plate.

    9)Replace the computer case cover. Plug the computer back in.

    10)Install the drivers for your new graphics card. If you are installing in Windows Vista or later, Windows should automatically detect the presence of the card and install the new drivers for you, but do not count on this, all graphics cards come with a driver disc. insert this disc once you boot up and install from the disc.
    You may also want to check the graphics card manufacturer's Web site for more up-to-date drivers, which you can download and install.

    11)Restart your computer. This completes the driver configuration process and lets your computer recognize and work with the new graphics card.
    If you hear a beeping sound, turn off your computer, open the case, remove the card and clean the slot with compressed air. Then reinstall the card. If this does not resolve the beeping, contact technical support for your card.

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