Graphics card advice for graphics work budget $200

Hi, I think I need to upgrade my current graphics card but not sure if worth

doing yet and what card is best for my price range $200 AUD. Suggestions


A year ago I upgraded my CPU to a quad core i5-2310 2.9 GHz. Motherboard is

MSI H61M-P2 B3 and RAM 8GB. Current graphics is ATI Sapphire Radeon HD 2400

PRO (prob over 4 years old card). My monitor current res max is 1920x1080

24" Ben Q - has VGA and DVI ports. I also hook up an old Viewsonic VGA G790

Monitor (but not essential that I can use this with card as my PC has VGA


When using a graphics intensive program called HyperStudio it often crashes

on W8 (trial I am using) and more often on my XP - dual boot. Also in future

hope to develop apps on it for Windows and make multimedia programs. So

maybe this justifies upgrading as I intend to use this program a lot on

Windows 8 when I upgrade. I hope to purchase this card in next 2 months and

also update to Windows 8.

I searched elsewhere and found that the ATI Radeon HD 6950 said to best for

video and graphics editing, however I can't find it at my store, maybe under

another name?

This is the site I may purchase from (in Australia)

Unsure as to what card to get but this one is in my budget -
Asus - GeForce® GTX650, 1GB GDDR5, 1058 MHz, DVI*2, D-SUB, Native HDMI,

PCIe3.0 (GTX650-DC-1GD5)
Is this a suitable card according to my requirements and current PC specs and

similar to the ATI HD 6950? Not sure if the PCie3 will fit my motherboard

and if I install it as an addon card does that replace any inbuilt graphics

or override it?

These are what I am looking for in a card:
- edit videos and graphics efficiently
- not too concerned about 3D gaming
- will be using a lot of Windows 8 apps in future
- WDDM and CUDA compatible
- updatable to next ver direct x
- to last me at least 3-5 years
- the Windows experience index of my system says overall 3.8 due to graphics

card for windows aero being listed at 3.8 but 3D and gaming is at 5.8. So a

card that gives me a higher index is preferred.
- overclocking - prefer to avoid
- card with its own fan preferred if safer for PC

Current power supply: unsure but I have 8 GB ram running on a Windows 8 CP

and it works well.

Other requirements of this card can you please confirm:
What power supply is best for it?
Will it be compatible with Windows XP and W7 as well as W8?
I run some older 98se programs on my windows XP (mostly kids educational

programs)- will changing the card mean I have to reinstall a lot of these

programs and will they still work?
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  1. that site u gave was not working properly thats why i used this one:)

    if u can afford $40 then this will be a very good choice:)

    or this for just $213.

    or if u cant afford then try to get the gtx 650 ti dont buy gtx 650 it isnt that powerful card it is about as hd 7750 in performance:)

    i would say better go with the hd 7850 its the best card for price performance plus its a very good overclocking gpu too.if u can then buy hd 7850 goodluck:)
  2. FirePro V4900
  3. Thanks guys I will look into these.
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