GTX 560 heating?

Ok so in iracing and battlefield 3 i have been getting an error saying i am running out of sytem resoirces and i should stop using windows aero.
This only happens in battlefield 3 and iracing, im running both games on a 22" acer p223w monitor with a spare 17" on the side as a second monitor.
I was monitoring the temperatures a little and after some research my graphics card seems to be at the top end of the heat that it should be at.
I have a GTX560 from inno3d and the card is sitting at 80* under load with no overclock
The rest of my system isnt super hot but its warm
Under load my 3570k gets to 57* with no overclock
My cable management is bad and i suspect its blocking airflow too so i will probably have to fix that soon too

Is this possibly the reason why the pc keeps throwing me this error with the games running?
Its nowhere near maxing the ram or processor out so whys it doing it and whats a fix?
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  1. you get error with other game? or is battlefield? you may try the pad. thanks you.
  2. Just battlefield and iracing
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