Whats your build?

Take 2

Edit: If you have less than 1gb VRAM please vote in the 1-2GB category and leave a post stating your amount.
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  1. no its actually 3
  2. Lol so it is....I did try looking to see if you had a 2nd post, couldnt find it earlier....

    It hasn't really worked out though as the percentages dont mean much and cannot distinguish one group of votes from the other, but still interesting...

    Finding it hard to believe that 6 people have 2gb or less of RAM, especially as this was posted in the graphics section...
  3. haha i only have 896 MB right now, which was supposed to be a option on the poll but SDD got added somewhere. Guess i shouldn't go making polls baked in the middle of the night
  4. Yea I added SSD as I was interested in seeing how many people were actually using them these days...

    My phone has more RAM than your PC :lol:
  5. well my PC has 16 gigs ..just my GTX 275 is a wee bit small ....so you edited the poll then ?
  6. Im blind :lol: I read it as system memory lol...

    Thought something was funny about that, was very early in the morning for me too.... Shouldn't cause too many problems, I'd say most people have more than 1GB now anyway...

    This has to my biggest fail at posting :(
  7. ^ SSD is nice but to me the cost and capacity always sway me away lol. SSD caching sound nice but prefer to go for pure SSD setup rather than hybrid solution. spec as listed in sig
  8. Im running a gtx 285, and im about to upgrade soon. I really like this card alot though, How were the 295's?
  9. the 295s are power hungry BEAST, with my 275 i just want to kick it up a few years and get out of the 200s all together.

    Any one who knows about SDDs would you help me ?
  10. Still marching on with a Q9450 and Radeon HD 5850...

    Then again, I haven't played many games this year... Just Mass Effect 3 and CitiesXL 2012. I think Oblivion killed my interest in fantasy RPGs.
  11. i5 3470 hd 7850
  12. I have no need to upgrade from my AMD Phenom II X2 555 Black Edition (which I can unlock but don't need to) and HD 5850.

    Nothing I do or play needs any more so until I can get a really good sale price on an upgrade I'm happy with what I have.

    Mactronix :)
  13. @mactronix
    But can it play Crysis 3? :P
  14. 128 MB Video Memory... you should put it there.
  15. CraftRiot said:
    128 MB Video Memory... you should put it there.

    Yes that was my fault, this was a repost and I messed it up a bit due to being up working all night, I have edited the OP as best as I can...
  16. Anik8 said:
    But can it play Crysis 3? :P

    :lol: Yes easily.

    Mactronix :)
  17. @paddys09
    YAH see just leave my stuff alone kay haha, I think of the little guys like me.

    My GTX 275 plays BF3, Borderlands 2 ect quite well, but then again system can share as much as it needs with 16Gb on deck. Not maxed out but Ill put a xbox to shame and thats the name of the game for me.
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