Need a new video card

My old video card (nVIDIA GeForce 8800 GTX) just gave out on me and now I need to buy a comparable video card. The computer is a basic 2007 Dell XPS 720, so I need something compatible with it and I don't want to spend too much.
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  1. Ok well that doesn't tell us much unfortunately.
    Can you tell me your PSU wattage??
    Do you have a preference to NVidia or ATI?
    How much are you willing to spend?
  2. Power Supply: 1KW (Red system) or 750W (Black system) - SLI, ATX2.0, EPS12V, SSI industry compatibility

    I have no preference to one or the other
    I'm hoping to spend not much more that $80-90...I can stretch up a little.
  3. It's the red system
  4. If I need to spend more I can...
  5. It's a cool looking system and it has a pretty decent PSU on it. Would you be willing to buy a used card? Best deal on a non used card that I could find in that price range.

    For a little bit more there is this one.

    If you want to buy used then there's a GTX 470 on ebay for $125

    The GTX 470 blows those other cards out of the water and does so by a wide margin.

    But then if you don't mind sticking with directx 10 and buying used then there's a GTX 295 for around $130.

    The GTX 295 is a bit better than the GTX 470.

    Just a few of the good deals I could find on ebay.
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