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Hello, my dell dimension c521 has suddenly started to run as if in safe mode - graphics are very low res and I cannot change this in Settings. Could this be my graphics card? I have swapped monitors and the same happens, so I think my monitor is ok. When I open Word the screen is black and text is also black and I cannot change this. But I can run outlook express and it appears normally. Help please!! Thanks, Jane
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  1. Do the Diagnostic Lights on the front of your Dell Dimension C521 indicate if there are any problems?

    Are you using the integrated nVidia GeForce 6150LE graphics processor or are you using a discrete PCI Express x16 graphics card?

    If you're using the integrated nVidia GeForce 6150LE graphics processor, did you download and install the latest GeForce 306.81 Driver from nVidia's website?
  2. You want to backup your files and re-install Windows. The reason your graphics are low is because you are in Safe Mode.
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