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4890 crossfire

I currently am in the process of upgrading my PC.
The Rig is as Stands;
i7 3820
x79 ud3 mobo
32gb 1800 memory (4 dins)
1050w psu
1 256 ssd and 1 7200 sata 3 hdd

My question is I have currently 2 x 4890 gfx cards in cupboard how would they preform in regard to a nvidia 650ti as i would rather utilize the card until im forced to upgrade.

Also in cupboard are;
1 x 4950
1x 285gtx
1x 450ti

Please could i have some opinions on this setup ?
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  1. Ok you don't need 2011... If you want a I7 and dont have the money for a 3930k, then you need a 1155 socket motherboard and Sandy Bridge 2700K or Ivy bridge 3770K.. And use that extra money you have spent on 2011 towards a better graphics card. the 4890 was a great dual gpu back in the day... but its falling behind compared to the modern day single gpu's. If it were me i'd get1155 mobo and cpu and a GTX 670 or 7950/7970
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    Well the HD 4890 Crossfire setup has the potential to outperform a GTX 660 so i'd say thats plenty of graphics power.But in games that Crossfire isn't supported for 4xxx series cards you will get performance that's between a GTX 650 and a 650 Ti.

    The other cards you mentioned will not perform nearly as well as the HD 4890 Crossfire setup.
    And also there is no HD 4950 card.They don't exist.
  3. Sorry for the miss interpretation the Rig is built at the moment. But i am seeking opinion on weither to use the 2 4890's.

    I would like to use the 2 x 4890 but how would they preform in this setup in comparison to modern card such as a 650ti or similar?

    Thanks in Advance
  4. Sorry that was ment to be a 4850, my bad :P
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  6. No DX11 support on the 4000-series Radeons. Just so you know...
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