Need Component out, which new cards support this

I have an old Radeon X1950 Pro I am going to replace.
I can currently drive 2 HP 22" monitors via DVI and I use the S-video with a component plug to drive my Component only TV. I have my TV identified on my PC using an HP 24" lcd driver which gives me up to 1920x1080 support, which is enough for the TV. I just disable the 2nd monitor, then extend my first 22" display to the 24"...then watch a movie.
Everything works fine under my setup with Win7-64. I don't even use the ATI drivers, just the native windows driver. No gaming, but I do have Vegas Pro and Photoshop that I use.

Of the newer series cards...the 77xx from AMD and the Nvidia 600 series, Do either of these support the Analog (vga, or dvi analog) out to continue to drive my old component TV without buying a converter box?

I can buy hdmi or dvi TO component cables only (no conversion box) for cheap, but do either of these series support the Analog stream necessary for my TV.

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  1. No Modern GPU's will come with a dvi-dvi connector so it is likely you will have to buy an adapter, other wise, with the adapter it should support the TV still
  2. I was trying to go with a Nvidia card, but I did see where the ATI Radeon 7750 card shows it has VGA Max resolution: 2048x1536 listed in the spec. That would seem to be the ticket, but again, I am not sure how they produce that. The 7750 lacks 2 dvi ports but I could drive the 2nd monitor off the Display port with a Display port to DVI cable. I could use the HDMI and just hook up a hdmi to component cable if the signal is analog. They (ATI) does not spec where or which port the VGA is coming from or output at. The 7770 has 2 dvi's so I could drive the monitors there, but again, which port is capable of outputting the VGA they list in the spec.
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