i recently upgraded my pc for playing games but whenever i play game a full red screen appears .
motherboard - dh77eb
processor - i5 - 3550 , 3.3 ghz quad core
graphics card - zotac 660 ti amp edition
ram - 4 gb
psu - 650 watt corsair
monitor - lg 22 inch full hd

whenever i play games , after a few minutes screen just turns red and nothing happens. system has to be restarted.
the thing is that when i play old games like -ac revelations , battlefield 3 , crisis , witcher 2 etc red screen doesnt come and i can play these games on highest settings .
but when i play ghost recon , sleeping dogs, borderlands 2, these new games after a few minutes there is red screen.

there should not be any problem for my pc to be able to play these games on high settings but red screen just comes even if i lower the settings .
i thought that maybe it is a graphics driver issue but it is also fully updated.
i also tried to undercloak it by using evga precision tool but still no help.

i dont know in which part the problem lies . all the things are new and are under warranty. dont know where the problem is and what should i get replaced.

any help regarding this problem is greatly appreciated

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  1. downgrade your current graphics driver and see if this fixes the issue. I remember having the same problem with my old gts 450 after updating to a beta driver from a whql
  2. Berserker mode activate!
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