GPU Bottleneck?

Is my motherboard and processor bottlenecking my GPU?
Processor-Intel Core i3 550
Motherboard-ASUS P7P55D-E

Another point I want to find out aswell. Since theres the option to set my CPU to render PhysX, would i gain more performance by doing this or just leaving this setting considering my GPU has 1344 CUDA cores (enough). Will this affect the load the gpu is under when playing a demanding game, as I've read that more data is sent to the GPU nowadays than say 5 years ago, so i could i benefit from sending physx to the cpu instead? :hello:
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  1. I think this depends on the game. The fast dual core shouldn't have too much trouble keeping up with FPS and etc, but in more CPU intensive games (like RTS) it probably is. Seems to soon to upgrade the CPU, as its relatively new. Should wait for the next Intel generation, and buy a more expensive processor next time.

    Not an expert on physx, but I'm pretty certain the GPU will do a better job. Also, since the GPU is the more powerful component, it should be taking on as much of the load as possible.
  2. Your 660 ti is a capable card, it shouldn't be the bottleneck point.

    Your cpu is what probably is. I forgot, but I think it's the first / second gen, I can't remember, but I know it's not the third gen.

    Invest in a quad core, or the latest gen of i3. They will do fine for you.

    The only cheap quad core I would get, is the Phenom ii. I think there is one for $90 right now.
  3. Are you having problems playing games? I'd turn PhysX off. What games and how bad is your fps? You can check for CPU bottlenecking by leaving settings the same but reducing resolution. If the FPS improves, then it isn't your CPU.

    If it's your CPU, then your most easy upgrade is to upgrade your CPU to an i5-750. They are available for used on Ebay or other used marketplaces. To ensure compatibility, make sure you update your BIOS to the latest version before installing the i5-750. An i5-750 will eat any Phenom's lunch in gaming and will outperform any Intel i3 when more than 2 threads are active. And it will work in your motherboard.
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