Where 2 buy - 40GB Maxtor D740X w/fluid bearings?

Hey all -

I'm building a new machine right now, emergency since I have a site design due for a high-profile client and my old computer is having probs... I want to get a Maxtor 40GB D740X Ultra ATA 133 w/fluid dynamic bearings motor (#6L040L2 -- NOT #6L040J2) but everywhere I've checked it seems to be sold out. They have the "other" version of the drive, but it has the regular motor -- this computer will also be used for serious audio recording work, and I would appreciate the near-silent version of the drive. I plan on getting 2 of these drives (one for OS, one for work), but even if I can only get one for now that would be better than none.

The basic stats of the machine in case anyone would like to know: Athlon XP1800+, Asus A7V266-E, 512MB DDR2100 from Crucial, Alpha PAL8045 heatsink, Antec SX-840 case

Thanks in advance for the help... hopefully someone can point me to a place where these are currently available.

-- David
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  1. what fan do you have on that heatsink?
    because i can tell you from personal experience, the "regular" 40G D740x is pretty quiet...and runs cooler than some other drives...
    i think that your heatsink will be louder than the hard drive.


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  2. With the system your going to build you shouldn't need the fluid bearing. It doesn't make anymore noise then the regular bearing and you are going to need good cooling in that machine. So in any case you shouldn't be able to hear the drive over the case cooling anyways, unless you go with water cooling.

    Check out StorageReviews <A HREF="http://www.storagereview.com/welcome.pl/http://www.storagereview.com/articles/200111/20011109Renaissance_10.html" target="_new"><font color=green>review</font color=green></A> of the drive series.

    If you really want that drive and you can't find the Maxtor model, look for the Quantum Fireball Plus AS. That drive series has some with the HDB in it also.

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  3. isnt the thing in your sig...at least this is how i heard it...
    that is how i learned it.


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  4. Isn't that what it says?
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  5. Hi -

    Thanks for the replies guys :)
    Well in that case methinks I'll just go with the regular one, as it's looking like I won't be able to find the fluid bearings one anyhow, and if it's not much more quiet then it's not worth all the effort hehe :)
    Actually, I'm not sure which fan to get for my heatsink... I asked on a few other forums and no one has answered.. so if anyone can advise me of the best fan for that heatsink (emphasizing both quiet and cooling) please let me know. Also I've heard that the fans that come with the Antec SX840 case aren't all that good - can anyone also advise on what fans to get for the case (same thing - quiet as possible but still effective). I've been told that the Antec powersupply is very quiet, but perhaps not as good as an Enermax 431 - is the difference significant enough to make getting an Enermax worth the cost?

    By the way... I just got back from seeing Lord of the Rings - if you haven't seen it YOU MUST! :) As a fan, it was one of the best movies I've ever seen.

    -- David
  6. ok, sorry, with it being white, i was having a hard time seeing it...
    but yeah, it does say it...
    and as far as lord of the rings goes, i saw it, and i was never a real fan of the books, and the cartoon one that came out in the 80's was crap...i fell asleep during it...but the new movie is pretty cool...


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  7. I ordered mine from here www.techstore.com
    and there is a direct link to 40gb one
  8. i bought mine at fry's electronics for $90....
    no shipping, and no waiting time!
    but yeah, this drive rocks, and apparently the whole d740x line is sweet. :smile:


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