I just bought a Dell inspiron 7720 with 1600 X 900 resolution. Is this not a HD resolution? I know it obviously isn't 1080 but I was trying to watch a movie last night and video looks horrendous. Very pixelated and grainy. It was a DVD on windows 8 under cyberlink power dvd 10. When I looked at the source information under the program is said 725 x 480 resolution. Can anybody help? I am about to the laptop back because of the horrible quality of videos.
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  1. If the video quality of the video you were watching is only 725 x 480 the quality will be rubbish. Try going onto YouTube and watching a 1080p or 720p video and it should be fine. If not, try asking the people who you bought it off.
  2. If you are on Windows 7, you could always try doing this:

    Start>Right click "Computer">Properties>Advanced Experience Index, this will tell you the Specs of You're Graphics card.
  3. The video had horrible quality because of the video file, not the laptop. The above users recommendation to check whether the laptop screen is good is very nice: going into youtube and watching 1080p will most certainly confirm or deny your worries.
  4. I don't see a 1080p video playing very well on a 1600x900 display. Look to 720p video tests on YouTube. This image should be crystal clear, but not taking up the full screen on the laptop monitor.

    Assuming that you're looking at the cheapest of the Inspiron 17R edition, then the included GT650m should be more than enough to handle any HD video.

    I would search online for terms like "Video Upconversion" for your graphics card/laptop to make sure you're getting the best images possible.

    -Wolf sends
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