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So I got a call from my wife last night, and apparently she messed up her laptop pretty badly (She is out of town visiting her parents). The plastic part behind her screen is peeled back and the screen looks pretty messed up too. Here are a couple pictures of the laptop as it is now:

Question is just how hard will this be to fix you think? Any tips on getting the parts needed for it? Will the only things needing to be replaced the plastic case and the LCD screen? It is a Lenovo Ideapad Z580.

Background on me: I am a computer science student in college (networking and security). I have built my own desktop, but as far as my laptop experience goes I have only swapped out a HDD for an SSD.


Edit: Actually after looking a little closer at the picture, I'm not sure the LCD is even broken.
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  1. Yes, whole display assembly. Check eBay.
  2. Can you actually find that kind of thing on ebay? I don't see anything like the plastic backing or "whole display assembly." Know of any other reliable sites that might have something like that?
  3. 1) Try googling disassemble Lenovo Ideapad Z580.
    If you need the "lid" then probably the best bet is to check ebay for one that has a "dead" MB.
    email Lenovo support and check their price.

    NOTE: LCD panel itself looks like a little ove 60 Bucks.
  4. I've just recently fixed my netbook (today)
    i cracked my lcd (like yours)

    This will help you,

    it has some videos on how to replace the lcd screen (easy), but for the plastic, have you tried to remove the lcd screen, by removing the screws and tried bending it back? or putting a heavy weight on it overnight.

    look around for new lcd screens, your be able to get them cheaper.

    Hoped i helped, good luck!
  5. oh didn't notice he had the same link ^^
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