Artifact problem with 2x6970 help

I really dont remember well but this problem started 1-2 months ago after i formatted pc or buyed new system.I was using same card MSI HD6970. So i buyed another msı hd6970 for crossfire but i still got texture flickering problem while looking far distances. It only happens when i look far away in wow and bf3. Especially its more noticable when i use sniper scope in bf3 like in this video..

in wow its more diffrent not all textures flickering. Only few of them doing this + i got white little points on edge of mountains far away. They disappear when i get close.

I was using same hd6970 with my old system

AMD Phenom X4 3.00 ghz black edition
8gb 800mhz kingston ram
2x500WD Black edition Raid HDD
MSI HD6970 2GB
750watt xilence power supply

Now i got better system and got this problem new system is...

Motherboard= Gigabyte GA-990FXA-UD5 (bios version F10)
Proccessor= AMD FX X8 8150 SOCKET AM3+ 3.6GHZ 16MB CACHE 32NM
Ram= 16GB(4X4) 1600mhz corsair ram
HDD= 2x500gb WDB Sata HDD
Graphic Cards =MSI 2X AMD HD6970 Crossfire

I tried both cards alone still got texture flickering dunno why and i dont know what to do... Tried all old drivers with clean windows all is same...
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  1. phenom47 said:
    750watt xilence power supply

    Err? 750 W for 2 x HD 6970? Seems a little low, but not sure.


    I didn't realise you said they both do it even when tried alone, oops. It may not be an actual problem with your card, but nonetheless it's possible. I've noticed the same thing with my GTX 560 Ti on Blacklight Retribution.
  2. i was using single one with 500 watt before without any problems.Then i buyed 750 watt. It started right after i buyed new system.After i buy the new 6970 i tried it alone without the old one. It does the same thing also. I dont think its possible that both graphic cards have problems.
  3. Why don't you try your old 500 W PSU with your system and one GPU? If it fixes the problem then it's likely to be the PSU. Just give it a try if possible.
  4. Before i buy the new system i changed my psu to 750 watt there was no problem like this. When i buyed new system i didnt changed psu
  5. It's hard for me to recommend anything. I'm rather clueless with the problem you're having. Hopefully someone who knows what they're doing will pick this up.
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