IS my PC compatible


My computer has
Intel 2140 @ 1.6GHz
It has 280 PSU
2 gb DDR2Ram
standard vga graphics card

IT has a PCIE16X
and PCI 1 slots
I am studying animation,Ds max needs graphics card.

So can I buy the following graphics card
Forsa NVIDIA GT610 2 GB DDR3 Graphics Card

Gainward NVIDIA 1GB DDR3 GT610 1024 MB DDR3 Graphics Card

IF not possible please suggest something below 3000 INR Thank you
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  1. What mobo? What power supply? We need a little more detail.
  2. Lenovo motherboard ,power supply 280 Max Ac
  3. Well I have no way of knowing what connectors the psu has, but I would not trust a generic 280W to run any type of dedicated gpu.
  4. Highly doubt 280 is anywhere enough.

    Try this
  5. What is the purpose of that card? Don't expect to game with it. It's only use is to power a monitor.
  6. Well a 610 would only draw power from the motherboard. I believe a 610 needs a minimum of 300w. So no your PC isnt compatible with that card. Even the low end cards need at least 300w, so I would look into getting a new PSU before getting the video card.
  7. if I buy one which uses external power can I avoid buying a new psu???
  8. The external power it uses would be from the power supply unit, so yea, you would have to buy a new power supply unit nevertheless.
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