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Do you need to put cooling systems in a PC if you are not planning on over clocking it or will it already have enough built in fans? (I'm looking at this case): I plan on putting a i5-3750K and a GTX 660 in it?

Also Can someone point me in the general direction of something to help me assembly my PC? I assume the different components come with basic instructions but is putting everything together extremely confusing?
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  1. IF you don't understand some of the youtube videos on putting together a pc, then I would return your parts and look for a near new used gaming system. There are plenty of them listed. Some very good ones can be had for $800. Check anandtech or craigslist and make an offer.
  2. You don't need a fancy water cooler if that's what you meant by cooling systems. If you're talking about the case, it should be fine. But additional fans will help and they're not that expensive.

    There are plenty of guides online. Here's one.
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