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I purchased a new laptop a few weeks ago, everything was fine until I started having BSOD's. Long story short, I'm getting new ram, but still have BSOD's. After doing a sfc /scannow, I found a problem, did a google search and tried to fix it myself based on the error reported.

I believe I broke it by doing this: http://social.answers.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/vistarepair/thread/6afe17b6-02ba-43b5-bb42-a89db5788299 using the first answer posted.

Here's the problems / symptoms:

1. I can ping an external IP address, but it cannot resolve the name correctly
2. This is only happening with my wireless connection
3. I've rebooted, done an ipconfig /renewdns and all that good stuff
4. Reinstalled the wireless drivers.
5. No problems with my ethernet
6. Rebooted both my router and modem

The laptop manufacturer recommended that I reinstall my OS after I called them saying my stick of memory isn't bad, but I really don't want to do that. This problem may or may not be different, but I've taken too much time figuring this out.

For the record, the sfc /scannow's problem was basically what was described in the link above.

I'll be more than happy to ship $10 paypal for anyone who can solve both of these problems, if it doesn't violate this site's TOS, or I'll send it to Haiti and post confirmation on here that I did so.
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  1. I'm a little confused. You said, you are "getting new ram".
    Have you in fact installed the new RAM?

    FYI - doing a sfc with bad RAM installed won't help.
  2. Correct. The issue isn't with the BSOD's, it's the wireless DNS problem. I got the new RAM and installed it yesterday.
  3. Figured it. When I had Dell diagnose my BSOD's, they installed something that apparently blocked it. I deleted that connection and it's working.
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