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  1. well your graphics card will work with this setup, but that corsair 420W power supply will not push all this. u should get a 650W corsair that way you would never have to worry about it. o and u should max you ram out for more performance your motherboard supports ddr2 only 1gb stick in each slot with a value of 4gb make sure all ram is the same that way it will run in dual mode which is possible on this pc. this is the best ram sticks for this pc by 3 or 4 of these
  2. If that's what you decide to go with, you can install both the graphics card and PSU. The CX430 is enough for your needs.
  3. Thank you. If I decide to keep 1 gb ram for the moment, can my PC run well? And anyone can post a guide how to install a video card and change power supply. It's my first time upgrading a PC.
  4. More memory is better of course but you can manage with 1GB.

    Here's a guide to building computer but it should help with your upgrades. It's not that hard. There are other guides online if you just search for them.

  5. Thank you very much ! I know I ask a lot of questions. For the ram, I should buy 4 same sticks of 1gb?
  6. yes u should by all the same cuz your motherboard works in groups of 2 but its only possible with the same ram.
  7. Can I install this card in my computer? It's 3.0 x 16 and I don't know mine. It's almost the same price.

  8. yes all x16 slots are backwards compatible, you have a 2,0 this graphics card is a 3.0 so you wont use its full speed but it willl still be good
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