Which graphic card for 2560x1440 display for games ?

Hi all,

thanks for reading this message. I would like to hear advices about the best choices for my needs, which are :

- playing games (mostly flight sims : DCS A10, FS 2004/X, IL-2, but also Dishonored, Wargame:EE, Total Warfare series, and other titles including FPS) on a 2560x1440 27" screen, with settings at max or highest possible).
- other usages : HD movies, classical PC work (office, Web, ...).

- CPU will be Intel i7 3770K
- Mother board MSI Z77A-GD65
- Ram : 8 Gb
- Power Supply : will be chosen to be enough for the job

- purchase date : soon (December)
- budget range : 500 € would be a maximum. Could afford to pay less if it fits the needs :)

- overclocking : not planned for the graphic card
- SLI/Crossfire : no

- I would like to build a PC not too noisy, so very noisy GC is a no.

I prefer nVidia over AMD but this is not a mandatory choice. I understand that actual power/cost ratio is in favor of AMD cards.

Thanks for your advices !

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  1. Hi all,

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    no advice for this need ?

  2. Not a very common resolution among gamers. I would think you would want a higher end graphics card a 7970 or a 680. The 7970 will do better at higher resolutions because of the extra gig of ram 7970's come baseline with 3 gigabytes of ram. I would think that would be enough but I'm unsure.
  3. Don't bother with the i7. It's a common mistake, but it will give you NO better performance in games than an i5, because games don't take advantage of hyperthreading. An i5 will last forever and not bottleneck cards, especially at that resolution, for a very very long time.

    3GB VRAM should be plenty - I second the vote for a 7970. Their lead over the 680 is even more pronounced at higher resolutions.
  4. Yes. I vote AMD 7970 too. Although a nvidia GTX 670 or 680 should also do the job. But as you said, price/performance lies with AMD.
  5. Thanks for your replies.

    I know that 2560x1440 is not the "standard" resolution for gamers. I am using a 24"/1920x1200 screen right now but wuld like to invest in a 27"/wider resolution, not only for games but for other applications.

    About the i7 :I know that hyperthreading is not useful for mot games. I am also using the PC for video encoding, that's the reason.

    About the GC choice : I agree with the proposals between 680 or 7970. I alsodid read bout the better performance of the AMD card for high resolutions, so it seems to be the best choice, and also with a lower price than the 680.

    However, I m a bit concerned about the noise level of the 7970 I have read that it is one of the GC with the highest dB output, where the 680 is very silent.

    Any advice about that ?
  6. A good reasont o have a i7
    " About the i7 :I know that hyperthreading is not useful for mot games. I am also using the PC for video encoding, that's the reason. "

    Well one thing to keep in mind is that cards have different coolers and so you will get a different cooling experience with different cards.


    This guy put a youtube video for the card I put above this and it seems very very silent.

  7. 7950 or gtx 670 are the two of the best cards suitable for 1440p gaming. 7950 is my personal preference over a 670
  8. Thanks for your replies.

    It seems that a 7970 Ghz Edition would be the best choice for such a resolution. Very good performance/price and 3 Gb VRam which is more than enough for 2560x1440.

    However, I am still a bit concerned by the questions listed below :

    - AMD/Radeon drivers quality : seems to be questionnable compared to nVidia, even if recent drivers seems to be better

    - Noise output : 7970 cards are among the more noisy, and I am trying to build a quiet PC...

    I can turn towards a nVidia card instead, but to run at max settings at 2560x1440, finding a GTX with enough power and if possible 3 Gb VRAM would give a much higher price than for a 7970... (GTX 680 ?)
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    Hi all,

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    no advice for this need ?



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