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Hay, I am using a GeForce GTX 460M graphics card and My computer keeps dropping frame rate a lot when there is something with particles(explosions, smoke, mist,etc.), I thought my graphics card was not up too date but even games like TF2 when there are an explosion of the tractor thing in the co-op mode drops frame rate a lot.

-I decremented my stuff
-Reinstalled operating system
-Updated my Invidia drivers

Is it just a bad graphics card or what?
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  1. based on your discription it seems that your gpu cant keep up with when there is a lot of things to render. btw what setting and resolution did you use?
  2. Skyrim little default setting when you click normal and ultra, and I know the reselution was 1600 by 900 and 1080p highest resolution, my computer has the screen for 1980p (laptop), and a gpu is a graphics chip right?
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